Invitation to tender


17 th Street Dance Championship Berlin 13th & 14th May 2020

Invitation to tender.

“It is the encounters with people that make life worth living.”

Guy de Maupassant (1850 – 1893) – French Author

We are an integrative youth project which acts on a superregional level. The groups come from Germany, Berlin and European countries.

For whom is the competition?

Street Dance means for us the mix of all dance trends such as Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Jazz Dance, African Dance, Oriental Dance, Dancehall/Ragga, Popping, Locking, Acrobatics, Modern Dance, Salsa and many more…. There are no limits for fantasy and creativity. Everything is possible.

New category

To encourage crews with less stage experience, we introduce the category “Beginner” for the BSM 2020.This category is targeting dance groups from school projects, local/communal organizations and associations with less or no dance and or no stage experience. Thus, the categories in each age group is composed as follows.

Hip hop over 30 years

For the first time in BSM’s 17 year history, we want to officially include these groups as an independent category. This target group refers to adults with a great desire to dance, is familiar with hip-hop culture and trains in dance schools and / or in sports clubs. Group m over 30 years are welcome to register for BSM 2020 in the following categories

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • advanced
  • Professionals

The cross-generational groups from 11 years upwards open

It encompasses a considerable number of dancers who are formed from several generations. The following category is available for the age group

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The group of people with and without disabilities

We want to do our part to give people with disabilities the opportunity to use hip-hop as a form of dance to present themselves.


The entire age groups and categories at a glanceAge group children up to 11 years. In the categories:

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • advanced

Category DUO in age group:

  • children up to 11 years
  • teenagers 12 – 16 years
  • Adults from 16 years

Age group teenagers 12 – 16 years in the categories:

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Age group adults from 16 years in the categories:

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professionals

Age group Ü 30 newcomers in the categories

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professionals

Age group open to all generations from 11 years upwards

  • newcomer
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Category, mixed dance group “People with and without disabilities”

  • Beginner
  • Advanced

Professionals are groups with loads of experience and/or make (a little) money with their dances already.)

  • We mean the age of the majority of the group not the average age!
  • It’s the group’s decision in which category they want to be in and apply for, although the jury reserve the right, to judge the group during the performance in their actual qualification and proper category.


Jury criteria for the group competition, age group children, teenagers, adults Over 30 and cross-unit groups. For the group “People with and without disabilities only No. 1, 2 and No. 5 apply. Following assessment categories of the performance are important for the jury:

1. SHOW: expression, energy/power, concept, overall image, theme8 Points
2. CHOREOGRAPHY: originality, interpretation of the music, uniqueness, variety and complexity of the movements, different styles, rhythm, tempo, difficulty of the dance steps, dancing realisation of the theme9 Points
3.  SYNCHONICITY: synergy and presentation of the movements7 Points
4.  SPACING/FORMATION: creative formation, variety, usage of the dance stage, transitions (clear and creative transitions)3 Points
5. TRICKS/SPECIALTIES: Specials, difficulties of the tricks, team work, groundwork, scenery/ costumes1 Points
6. USIC: every team is automatically getting one point. Except those teams that are using music which is sexist, racist or violence-glorifying. Those groups will lose this1 point

Of course, some of the points will overlap. A team which, for example, performs quicker, cleaner and more creative transitions and presents higher Synchrony amongst the dancers, paints a better picture overall.

All in all, the most important thing will always be the dancing. A team in which, for example, all dancers perform a clean und challenging choreo and are on beat throughout most of it, will get more points than a team with single great dancers but others that are of beat. The latter does not perform well as a unit.

Length of Music and Show

  • The length of the show and music for the age group Children up to 11 years of age in both categories (Beginner and Intermediate/ Advanced) must be at least 2 minutes and at most 2,5 minutes long with a tolerance of 5 seconds.
  • The length of the show and music for the age group Teenies in all categories at least 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes with a tolerance of 5 seconds
  • Adults in categories Beginner, Newcomer and Intermediate at least 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes with a tolerance of 5 seconds
  • Adults in the categories Advanced and Professional at least 3 minutes and at maximum of 4 minutes with a tolerance of +-5 seconds.

Music Cut

  • The Final Cut should be sent in a mp3-format to or . The name of the mp3-file must be named after the crew number and crew name. The Music must be sent in by the 20th of May 2020.


  • Registration fee for “BSM”: per dancer: 4,- €
  • Price, Trophies:
  • Trophies for the winner position 1-3 for all age groups.
  • All in all, there will be 3 trophies as a special price for all age groups and categories for those who made an extraordinary effort and handling of their theme.


  • Please just present your own choreography.
  • The winners of 2019 should apply their group this year to a higher level (except the professionals) unless the group constellation (condition, cast, new composition etc.) has changed that much, that the group can’t prove a higher rank. To take up a challenge is the magic of a competition.
  • Winners (1st place) from diverse categories of other dance competitions need to start with the next higher category at the BSM 2020. For concerns or questions, please do contact the organizer.

Registration 2020

Please visit our website for all registrations for the competitions of BSM.

  • The registration “Berliner Streetdance Championship 2020” starts on the 15th of March and ends on the 15th of May 2020.
  • The registrations are then valid and completed after you have transferred the fees to our account until the first of May 18, 2020. After registration you will receive an e-mail with the payment request and bank details of the EventManagement BSM.
  • Crew cancellations are possible until the second deadline on May 20, 2020. We will refund the start fees immediately. After this deadline, no repayment is possible.
  • We reserve the right to close the list, when the available capacity is depleted.

Dates 2020

  • 02 February 2020 Announcement of the jury on social media
  • th Mars, 2020 Registration begins
  • 06th April 2020 Distribution of tickets to VVK and
  • 15th April , 2020 Start of pre-sale of BSM tickets
  • 15th May, 2020 End of registration
  • 18th May deadline for the transfer of the entry fees
  • 1st June of the last submission date for the pictures of the crews for the banner
  • 06th June 2020 End of deregistration
  • 10th June 2020 final deadline for the music editing.
  • 12th June 2020 Lineup of the crew in the hall
  • 13th June 2020 Appearance of children, cat. DUO and teenagers in all categories.
  • 14th June 2020 Appearance Adults, Cat. Over 30, Cat. Intergenerational and Cat. People with and without disabilities in all categories.


Have fun and success in the championship.

Eventmanagement BSM

Asghar Pourkashani