Rules of the “DUO“2020

The rules of the new category "DUO“2020

DJ: tempo 27-28 T/M; 128-112 beats/M

🟠Music: the music is determined by the DJ. Dancers are not allowed to use their own edited music. The lenght of the performance is 1 minute long, for every part of the competition.

🟠Awards: pro age group there are cups for the top three competitors

🟠Seed money: 8 € pro team, 4 € pro dancer

Age group:Kids: 12 teams🟠 (up to the age 11)Teens: 12 teams🟠 (12-16 years old)

Age group:  🟠Age group Adults from 16 years

🟠Composition of the teams:

🟠The team members can be from different crews of a dance school etc., even if some dancers already took place in the group competition for the BSM.

🟠Procedure of the competition of the age group kids and teens:

🟠The procedure is identical und sums up to three parts. The length of the performance for each category adds up to 1 minute.

🟠Part I Preview: All teams (for example we have 12 teams are starting) compete together one time in this phase. Due to that the jury can get a first impression of the teams. The music is choosen by the DJ.

🟠Part II: Preselection: After the decision of the jury all teams are split up into 3 groups with 4 teams each.

🟠Group 1:  4 TeamsGroup 2: 4 TeamsGroup 3: 4 Teams

🟠From each group all teams perform together for 1 minute. After that the jury will select 6 teams for the finals. It might be possible that the audience will take part in the selection.

🟠Part III Final: For 1 minute, each of the 6 Duos are going to perform. The 3 teams that achieved the most points are advanced and the rest will leave the competition. Between the 3 best teams a winner and two runners-up are choosen.

🟠Assessment criteria of the jury:

🟠Technique S🟠ynchronicity Choreo, 🟠spontaneous realization of the music and variety

🟠Partnering /🟠 Specials Radiance and outfit