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17th Berlin Streetdance Championchip 13th. & 14th. June 2020

  • YOUR TICKET Pre-sale           DAILY CHECKOUT
    1-day ticket 10.00 €                  16.00 €
    2-day ticket 15,00 €                  25,00 €
  • Ticket for parents                       8,- €

Children under 6 accompanied by a legal guardian have free admission.
Young people from the age of 12 may stay on the YOU without the assistance of a legal guardian.
The list of pre-sale points will be announced late

We send the tickets for participants outside of Germany.
You order a minimum of 10 tickets, you pay the money via PayPal + 3, – € postage. As soon as the money has arrived on our PayPal account, we will send the tickets to Ihe Adesse.

PayPal account: pourkashani@gmx.de